Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday is Sunday

First off I wanted to share Zee's new blog or shall I say very nicely updated blog Behind Blue Eyes. It looks great & she's a rockin' lady with great insights so check it out.

At work it's free pizza day so I didn't need to deal with breakfast, lunch or dinner. The bad part is all I'm eating is cheese pizza all day so needless to say I had to go buy some fruit & get some damn life into my body.

Children of Men was awesome! Bleak as hell but very good. Julianne Moore was super beautiful as usual and Clive Owen was rugged & such. Highly recommended. My time with my new friend was great. She took off work early just to spend more time with me & we went to one of my favorite restaurants Saucebox for dinner before the flick. My sushi had Kim Chee in it which was very good.

I was chatting with a co-worker today about the difference between being loved for our weirdness vs. being loved in spite of it. Growing up I was the literal black daughter of the black sheep in my mothers Euro-American family. For so long I tried to hide my weirdness (except to my very weird close friends) so I'd be loved. My best relationships (friends/family/lovers) though have been when the intrepid people in my life encouraged me to let my weirdness out.

Last night at dinner when I was explaining to This Woman my fears around wearing my hair in strange & unique ways, based on that lingering desire to pass, she suggested I try once a month to wear my hair in some funky way I've always wanted (she herself currently has a "fade" on the sides of her head!). I just love that type of encouragement!

Tonight is the L Word premiere! Yay! I'm going to the Portland premiere tonight at Aura which happens to across the street from where I work. Even more yay! As some of you know my favorite character is Alice. I think in part I like her because she's so weird yet true to herself. I do hope that character has a better year. Well that's it from me today. As I struggle with grieving and loss and also wrap myself in excitement & joy I'm so very grateful for the 12 steps in my life. I don't have to do anything but my best today & be in each moment as it comes. I'm so grateful to 12 step programs that have helped me learn to be true to my soul. Peace!


Zee said...

Hey, thanks for the plug!! :)

Just wanted to say, you're an amazing woman and I'm so grateful to have you in my life! Thanks for being a superb example of living the principles in all (well, trying to anyway!) aspects of your life! Thanks for your friendship and support these last 14 months...

(And for the record, I was just trying to figure out whether I love you because of or in spite of your weirdness and the only conclusion I've drawn is that it's both...! Heh.)


Frances said...

Hee hee I love you too honey!

Sara said...

I love Zee's blog too, way cool colour!! Glad to hear the recommendation about CofM, will add to my list of movies to see.
As for the weirdness factor, let's just start off with anyone who thinks they're "normal" is a total weirdo!! And I think that people should love you for both your "weirdness" and inspite of it. I also second the opinon to try the new funky hairdo, I mean if you don't like it you can always change it or grow it out, it's not set in stone for life. Happy Monday xx