Sunday, March 04, 2007

Food Poisoning & Amore

Strange combo indeed but alas sometimes my life is like that. After attending a potluck for my home group I woke up a few hours later throwing up and having mud butt. I was up off & on for the next 4 hours expelling the contents of my stomach from one end or the other. It was horrible! After forcing myself to call friends for help I managed to take some sips of Gatorade and sleep until my girlfriend could arrive to take care of me. Woke up again with mud butt at 5am and had more around Noon but have managed to actually drink plenty of 7-up and mineral water. No barfing today, but can only eat a few saltines. And of ha-ha I got my period today.

Now if you read my last post you'll know I've been bursting at the seems to tell my girlfriend that I love her. And you know nothing says romance like mud butt so I finally looked her in the eyes and said what was in my heart. It was a very sweet moment and so us in a way. She & I are just wonderful weird girls and were wonderful and weird together. So I don't mind that I looked a mess and she had morning breath. Sometimes the most romantic moments are the ones where we are simply sincere. Well I'm off to nap. Peace!

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