Monday, March 05, 2007

Obama Descended from Slave Owners??? No!!!!

Oh my lord I cannot even believe folks are making a deal about this. Check out the article by the Baltimore Sun. The dude that felt need to research this I'm sure in his heart thought he was uncovering something "important" but really who-the-phuck-cares!? Many many Black folks in this country came from slave owners. And many all kinds of people, not just white for that matter. It's rarely been questioned in the past if a presidential candidates lineage included slave owners because we knew most likely they did. Why should Obama be any different. Oh because he's Black. And there folks is the true racism in this. The idea that because he's of color he'd be exempt from certain icky things like racist forefathers and not-so-progressive ideas. He's just a dude. Is he going to be out of touch with Blacks in the Country? Hell yes. He's not exempt because he is Black. Shit I know a hell of a lot of ignorant queers, POC, liberals and so on. I mean if I have to hear one more well meaning person of any race tell me Native Americans are just oh-so-good-at fill in the blank, I'm gonna puke.

You know I came from slaves & slave owners. My people were on the trail of tears & forced others on the trail. And all that came from my dad who is of color. My mom's family never owned slaves & such because my grandparents were first generation Euro-Americans. So there you go. Sinners and saints, assholes and not-so-much-assholes were all just people yo. And anyone at this stage of the game running for Prez is most likely gonna be a douche-bag. Thank you for reading this goofy rant!

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blair said...

Obama's link to slave owners should be a non-issue. Virtually all Americans, regardless of race, are related to people who owned slaves. African Americans who research thier family tree are likely to discover they have black as well as white ancestors who owned slaves. Free blacks as well as whites owned slaves (one of the South's largest slave owners was a black free man who was notorious for his harsh treatment of slaves. Americans Indians, of course, also owned slaves, but they don't appear to feel guilty about it. Just the past weekend, the Cherokee Nation voted overwhelmingly to ban the descendants of Cherokee slaves from the tribal rolls.