Thursday, March 08, 2007

QWOC Community/Sync or Swim

It looks like I'm getting some new readers to my blog and I just want to say welcome! My goal here is to be a part of a greater community of queer women of color, especially. And of course other queers, POC, women and allies. Racialicious is hosting the next Erase Racism Carnival & I'm thinking about hosting one at some point to get to know more voices out there. Anyway if you're a Queer Women of Color and have a blog I'd love to put it in my links even if you don't speak to those issues per se. Or if you know of some other QWOC blogs feel free to give me a heads up. I know this is gonna be a good thing!

Okay so I got an iPod for x-mas and only in this last week have I finally figured the damn thing out. And you know what? I feeking love it! I'm importing Bjork onto iTunes as I type this. I have all these play lists I've created such as morning mixes, dance mixes and even a mix for songs without swear words so I can plug my iPod Nano into the store stereo system and rock out. Now I don't want to anywhere or do anything without my iPod.

It was hard to figure the thing out at first because it came with no instructions. Just a box & it's pretty hot pink self. However by going to you can download the manuals. I'm lazy though & like to figure out e-gadgets on my own & for the most part I have. Yay!

Well I'm off to take a nap & figure out what I'm cooking my girlfriend for dinner. Peace!

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