Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Grey or Gray

I'm too lazy in the moment to look up what the difference between these 2 words are. My guess is that it's the same meaning but different spellings. Today I wanted to get some real clarity on the words then & than. I hope I never make the mistake of mixing those words up, but I probably will! Anywho it's grey in the City of Roses and so my ladylove & I are going get this...ummm...Sizzler. I know but crap it's a weird day and funky looking & why the heck not have some very not freerange meats and seafood. We're normally very good about eating with a conscious and having quality dining experiences...okay that's a complete lie as we freakin' love Totino's pizza. So it anyway it's blah & were going to Sizzler and that's that. Bad steak here we come!
Photo courtesy of unprofound

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