Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Mutha F-ing Easter!

Lent. This year I have not followed any tradition for Easter except giving up something for Lent. This year I gave up guilt & it has worked quite well. Yesterday I ate this lovely little cheesecake cupcake from Peets while doing an information shift at my place of employment. A customer came up with a question right as I was about to take a big ol' bite. He was kind and told me he was sorry for interrupting & I explained that my job is first & foremost to help him and that I could eat my cupcake any ol' time. He told me my treat looked good & wished he could have a treat but that it was Lent.

And for a moment I felt like "damn, I'm the worst friggin Catholic ever." Worse I realized it was Good Friday no less & I should not even be eating anything. Then I remembered that since I have not been to Mass in years & am brazenly queer & have had lots & lots of wonderful & sometimes weird sinful experiences that I could screw feeling bad for eating a cupcake. If I was going to feel bad for that then perhaps I ought to feel bad for that one night stand 9 years ago with the girl who had a bad haircut who was kinda shitty in bed. Anyway...

So tomorrow I work. And am glad for it. And as much as I'm glad Jesus rose on the third day I'm even more glad that this year for 40 days & 40 nights I've been guilt free & much more forgiving of myself and others. And really isn't that what the good Lord wants? For us to love each other and not put our ridiculous judgements upon ourselves & others. People are just people. And I am a people, I mean person. Queer or not. Of Color or not. Female or not. I'm just a mix of animal, vegetable & mineral with blood & emotions and ego coursing through it all. Just like everyone else. So today I can stop feeling bad for being a human & stop being so darn annoyed with everyone else's imperfect humanity. You know it feels so good I almost want to go to Easter service. Instead though I'll eat a triple chocolate Klondike bar!

Now for your viewing pleasure a pic my my sweetie took of me the other day. We were blowing bubbles outside her house & it was so fun and since it's raining here in Portland, I thought this would cheer. BTW I'm hopefully seeing the film Grindhouse tonight. Looks like a fun film! Peace!

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