Monday, August 06, 2007

Can't Think of a Pithy Title

I'm tired. This moving business has me exhausted quite frankly. The minute I get home I start organizing until my partner makes me sit down. It's just so hard for me to relax when our home is still in disarray. But I got the bathroom organized!

Tonight I met the coolest guy. He's a sports writer who's very aware & his latest book looks at the intersection of sports & politics. Anyway he wrote an awesome article on the bridge collapse there & how it intersected with the groundbreaking of an undesired (by the majority of Minnesotans) new dome. He brought up a great point tonight about how so many in MN are enraged because certain rich beasts care more about making money off domes than caring about citizens safety. Katrina is more than a hurricane!

Anywho another interesting thing this evening was what I like to call an uncomfortable moment. Since I wish to not get into any potential trouble by talking about stuff at work too much I'll leave out a few details but hopefully convey the gist of the event. So I have a co-worker I'll call Jerry. Jerry draws & such. I asked Jerry why in most of his drawings where people are depicted there were so few if any people of color. I was simply curious & asked in a very casual way. He responded by saying "not everything is about race." Which I admit is true, however it didn't answer my question. So I told him that I was just wondering because it seemed like there were no folks of color in his pieces & wanted to know if he ever thought about it.

I got the same response back with an added "some folks just need the attention by making everything about race." And I said... well I had no response because were at work & my partner may or may not have to work with this dude sometimes & his response was clearly his way of saying he wished to not explore this topic with me.

But you know it's all good because some folks are scared to ask these questions. Why are there so few POC in certain things like television, baseball and art? And yes I know not everything is about race & perhaps it is simply my need for attention that makes me want to see faces in the places I work, the streets I live, the art I encounter & the activities I pursue, that are brown like mine (not the same exact shade mind you, any color of brown is good!). I mean it's nice when I see folks who may look like me represented in things that don't require them picking up after white folks in some way, shape & form.

Hmmm. Well I don't know what more to say about anything other than that I

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