Monday, September 17, 2007

A Whole New Meaning to Craigslist! An Open Letter to Larry Craig

Dear Larry,

At first when I heard about this whole bathroom debacle I felt bad for you. Felt even worse for your wife & family. The fact that you were caught trying solicit an officer of the law in my home state made me even feel a connection to you. I thought "yes, I too have tried to have gay sex in a public bathroom in Minneapolis." And so I felt we had a bond. Even if you publicly said you were not a homo, you & I like to get it on in bathrooms & that's enough of a link for me.

Then you resigned. I thought it was a mistake. I thought you ought to fight the restrictive, homophobic laws that govern Minnesota bathrooms & not take such treatment, ehh hem, sitting down. I should have told you ahead of time that you could avoid pesky police officers by contacting the Minneapolis Men4Men section of Craigslist.

Then I read a Savage Love column last week (of which I can't find the link to) & started to think. If you had had the opportunity you would have voted for police patrols in every public bathroom in the United States & maybe even Canada. You would have been the first person to point your finger if it had been one of your colleagues. You Sir do not like lgbtq2s folks. You would legislate against us at every turn if you could.

So now I'm glad you've stepped down despite the fact that you & I both enjoy gay bathroom sex. You do not get to live one way & try to legislate another. And you got what you deserved because when you try to destroy basic human equality, you get it in return. It's karma baby & you got it 3 fold. I will pray for you & wish you well. But I will not have an ounce of pity for you.


P.S. Enjoy this video. I dedicate it to you.

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