Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NaBloPoMo is Almost Here! So What the *&%#^! is NaBloPoMo Anyway?

Oh my gosh. I've been trying to figure out if NaBloPoMo was going to happen this year & it is! I completed the challenge & was hoping to do it again! So just what is it you ask? NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month. It looks like from here out it will be every year in the month of November. There are prizes involved but to me that's not really the point. The point is to explore new topics, fine tune writing skills & best yet, discover new & awesome blogs. And this year It's even eaiser to connect to other folks by creating groups. I started a group today for queer women bloggers. If you are a queer lady/not lady but identify as female & of color please join me. I'd LOVE to see a bunch of us & see your blogs & hopefully build some online community that will benefit us all offline.

I love this years badge! Since my member pic is me with my extra special luv luv Bebes I thought this was only too perfect. Get it peeerfect! Ah hahahahahah!

Umm anyway so I here & now commit to 30 days of posts in November. My good pal who rocks her own blog at Behind Blue Eyes is going to tackle health stuff as a focus sometimes. I really dig her choice on that one. So taking inspiration from her I'm going to try & focus on the following subjects that I'll be lucky to even do more that one post on (because I talk about myself too damn much!).
  • Money Management
  • The Presidential election & what it means for us queer folks
  • Domestic Partnerships and why they are not enough

I'm having the darndest time configuring this badge on my sidebar. I can't seem to link it back to very well, so if anyone has a thought please let me know. Well I hope to discover some great blogs! Until then I need to get my ass home. Peace!


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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Here's one way you might generate a link (I was able to do this on my own blog:

1. Once you have the graphic uploaded, click off it to deselect it.
2. Click to place your cursor in the space between the last word/symbol/punctuation mark/whatever and the graphic.
3. carefully drag down across the graphic. When the the graphic gets overlaid with a powder-bluish color, stop dragging–you just selected the graphic as though it were a word or a letter
4. Click on the linky icon and fill in the URL.

That usually works it for me. Easy does it with the dragging over the graphic, but after that, there should be no problems.