Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Portland Black Pride is Coming!

I'm still very much grieving & praying & working to help the young man I mentioned in my last post. I'm sending the son a care package this Friday with things a 19 year old male might need like socks & toothpaste. Anyway after 3 days of crying it's time to think of good things too.

As the coordinator for the block party I can say a lot of fun will be had. If y'all want to volunteer or learn more about Portland Black Pride come to our pre-event happy hour at Crush, 1400 SE Morrison, the same place the block part will be. The fun starts at 5:30pm this Thursday, June 5th.

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N said...

Happy Pride! Good luck on the block party, I'd love to hear how it goes...
BTW Fran, did I ever interview you and your partner for my thesis? Are you two still up for it? :-)